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02-04-2012, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Fans should stop booing when the opponents touches the puck. Fans should stop booing the ex-habs. Fans should stop booing their own players. And now fans should stop cheering their own players.

Fans.....just stop paying to go see them....

Yes, some fans act stupidly. I heard that elsewhere as well. And true that people should stop saying how we are the most knowledgeable fans and all that crap about how great we are and all 'cause it's not true. That's just the kind of misconception that also goes with that supposed speedy and skilled team we're supposed to have....I guess it goes together.

But there's a freakin limit as to what we can tell them to do or not. And mostly when it's coming from people who actually AREN'T at the Bell Centre and can just change the channel whenever they are not happy compared to the fans that are actually glued to their seat.....

Holy **** are people sensitive in here in regards to Gomez. Fans have had enough of the player, not the person. They boo or cheer the player Gomez is, not the person. He might be a nice guy, funny, loving, caring... But the fans go to watch hockey, a form of entertainment. We're passionate about it, and when we see a player not performing well, looking like he doesn't give a ****ing **** about the jersey he's wearing, then boo/cheer out of sarcasm or happiness/chant/sing ridicule songs all you want. We're doing it to the player, not the person.

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