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11-09-2003, 09:27 PM
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In regards to Pat Quinn....He really pissed off alot of players over the years in Toronto......He got rid of Stevie Sullivan and the following season thereafter for Chicago he lead the League in short-handed goals..........He got rid of Mike Johnson and today he's the highest scorer in Phoenix and one of the best skaters in the entire NHL........He got rid of Jason Smith cause he felt he wasn't good enough to play in Toronto and today Jason Smith is the captain of the Edmonton Oilers...............He ALSO got rid of Corey Schwab when Schwab asked for a small raise from what the Leafs were paying him and Quinn refused, meanwhile when Cujo went down Schwab was the guy that kept the Leafs afloat...Schwab wasn't good enough for Pat Quinn's team but he was good enough to play on the Stanley Cup winning team in New Jersey last my humble opinion Corey Schwab is light years ahead of Trevor Kidd and would have made a superior backup for Belfour this season.........

Shayne Corson has played on Stanley Cup winning teams and Canada Cup winning teams and was very instrumental in the playoffs for the Leafs the last few years especially shutting down players like Alexei Yashin...One has to question the timing of Corson quitting the Leafs team right when the Leafs were in the playoffs...what's with that?....Pat Quinn had something to do with it I'm almost certain of that....One has to question the way Felix Potvin left town as well.......AND the way Curtis Joseph left town too......all because of Pat Quinn?.......You Betcha!!........

The problem with Pat Quinn is that he is very MUCH Old School.....meaning that "You better do as I say or you're out of here" well as don't question his tactics and system or you'll get the boot as well from his hockey team.........

Pat Quinn has been with the Leafs too long now.......It's time to bring in some new blood behind the bench........If he was just the coach we could have defended him and said that he only had the players to work with that the GM gave him to play with but the fact of the matter here is HE WAS the Leafs GM as well.........Believe me if it were not for the upcoming Labour dispute between the NHL owners and the NHLPA Quinn wouldn't even be coaching this Leafs team right now.....The way I see it the new ownership in Toronto have a hidden agenda up their sleeves and it is this.....They've decided that they will ride out the season with Pat Quinn behind the bench as the coach......After this season when a new agreement is in place between the players and team owners around the League the new regime in Toronto will want to hire their own man to coach this Leafs team of theirs....that's the way I see it folks....and THAT'S the way it's gonna happen.



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