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11-09-2003, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by habitants9_4
#1 He's big. And goes into the corners. Not very physical, but hits well enough. Don't expect Power Forward like qualities.
If i don't look to your ugly title and read this i actually think you talk about Dagenias , you know ...that big foward who's not called Kilger ! 6'4 210 Pounds ... Dagenais is more like Daze i know ... but that's exactly what i say when i talk about the big dagenais i just say 'don't expect a PF he's jsut a big guy ''..

Dagenais is the guy who's on fire right now and he's the guy they wanted to see last night ! I mean he's huge and scored a hero-like game winning in overtime hat trick 2 days ago in the 1st game of a beautiful 3 game in 3 days week end ..( wohoo just like last week AHL schedule sucks big time ) , and don't forget that they travel in a ****ing Bus . So they leave Hamilton and go to Grand Rapids ... Then Dagenais play a solid game and have 5 shots while Balej score the 2nd goal of the game ( assist to Dagenais ) and the game end 2-2 .... Yay another trip back to Hamilton ( i mean why don't play 2 game at home and then go on the road for the 3rd game ? AHL really piss me off so imagine how the players deal with that ,( it would be intesresting to ask them how they like that btw ) Dagenais along with his RedHot lines-mates shine again and Dagenais beat ''the Golden Prospect'' Kari Lethonen 2 times and the line add 2 others goal to win this 3rd game , sign of fatigue were visible in the 3rd and Chicago tied the game to force overtime . Pleks scored and the Dogs are on a roll again , mant guy in Hamilton right now have learn to be ultra-competitive last year with the Baby Oilers and it seem that they never give up , someone will shine at the right time , Higgins or Plekanec or a line like JB , Dagenais and Gratton will get the job done the other night . Perez and few other guys have a lot of offensive talent too .

I don't want to see people start a kind Balej mania like they did with Plekanec last week when he was Red Hot along with JB . I mean people who don't know him well will write false things like that ''he's big'' i mean WTF , yes he's bigger than Audette and Bouillon so what ?!

What we are looking for ? More scoring , a finisher , someone who won't be pushed away by Tom Poti on front of the net right ? Dagenais will do it he will go in front of the net just everytime he can if Julien ask him to . He will want to stay in the big league and hopefully it would work out for him . Remember they signed him this summer , he deserve a shot before Balej who was cutted fast at the training camp .

Dagenais scored 8goals in 5 games along with a buch of assists and he's the team leader in goals , points , PPG and shots he played 60 NHL games and he know the diffrence beteween the 2 is huge . Plus Dagenais is LW , the best position for a player looking for a shot on a top line right now IMO .

I think Balej is awsome right now and i think he was the most consistent player on the dogs for the last 2-3 weeks , he shined along with Plekanec for a while and was moved to the top line with Dagenais and Gratton 2 guys who already enjoyed succes at the AHL level in their carrer . Balej is learning the be consistent and to creates things every time his skates hit the ice . He shots a lot yes and it's fine his accuracy will increase and tell me how many time you see the Habs with like 17 shots on goal after a game ? Way too often .

That's why Marcel'' he just feed the puck trade him'' Hossa and J.Balej were one of the most exiting duo in the WHL with Portland . Can't wait to see them on a line with Higgins or Koivu

Yes Balej is flashy , he do have a blazing speed he creates havoc and scoring chances more than everyone with these cruicial assets . Yes he look good against AHLer and yes he was among the best Dogs but NO he's not ready .

Last year Ryder was one of the 5 top players in the AHL and he didn't had a single sniff of NHL duty over the year and Ward was the best player in the whole league and he played what 15games with the Habs at the end of the year ? so don't go think they will recall Balej after he nabbed 15pts in 15ames mostly on the top line with proven AHLer . Bring Balej is not the right choice to do , Balej will be pushed around like Audette if he's rushed in the NHL , many player like him had the same problem in the big league .

Balej won't play in front of 21,000 great fans until the Habs make some room on the right wing . Audette will have to leave this summer , Balej will take his spot , anyways i think that everybody agree that Audette is useless and a weak hockey player ( even if the Media seem to protect him lately ). Dackell or Sundstrom will have to leave if they really want too see Ward around in the future . So Dacks , Sunny and Audette will hopefuly leave the team by the year or this summer . That would be the perfect senario for Josef Balej to earn a roster spot if he keep playing like a ****ing GOD and makes me happy the whole year .. we will have great playoffs this year !!

Dagenais really deserve to be recalled before December
Here a pic of Balej before he bulk up for the 1st time ( he did it 2 times with good results and that's why at some place he's rated from 165 to 190now )

And for those who say that Balej is small because he look small next to Pleks are stupid , Pleks is built like a little tank , he's small but compact and that's why he was that good with us a the training camp . Fast , Solid on his skate , good playmaking , and great endurence . Plekanec is our next iron man he's like a machine .. i'm pettry sure Plekanec the poster have more information about this ...

Balej won't be the next Samsonov and won't be the next Havlat ... he's gonna be Balej and that's it . Man last year he was just a smurf and a complete bust This thread his the perfect exemple of the Habsland bandwagon ... unique en son genre !

Next Week it will be Higgins turn

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