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11-09-2003, 10:17 PM
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few comments

Hlvac hasn't played well for three years now. That doesn't exactly buy a shot to get off to a "slow" start.

Carter has always been one of the most overhyped players in a long time. He was overhyped in Washington, Boston and Edmonton. He scores in clumps and has always disappeared when the chips are down. Those 25 goal, 55 point seasons were the result of being with good talent on at least descent teams {or at the very least a descent line}. On his own he is a 20 goal, 40 point player.....maybe.

Lindros isn't washed up because of one year. Lindros is washed because he is a shell of his former self, and because he hasnt played at a higher level consistently since Bure's arrival back in march of 2002.

I dunno at what point he played "good" in the preseason either. in fact if i remember correctly lindros and rucinsky had one "good" game and were invisible for most of the rest, including training camp itself.

They both made the team for their names, if they were two 20 year old they'd have been playing in the AHL to start the season.

Lundmark and Moore have done everything asked of them and done it with limited icetime. Lundmark is already lost as of right now, i'll tell you that much. You can see it in his comment you can see the aggrivation. He got 2 1/2 minutes, i mean my god that is pathetic. That is Malhotra all over again. Two and a half minutes!!!!!

The fact that anyone hear can even justify Rucinsky or "patience" for Hlvac shows just how much these boards have changed in the past two years. Heck are we sinking that low now ourselves?!?!

if jamie were traded tomorrow i'd bet you anything he rips the rangers, and who can blame him. This team is a complete joke, an utter and complete joke. This team hasn't had anything even resembling a youth movement since the late 80's and early 90's when names like Leetch, Turcotte,Amonte,Weight,Zubov,Kovalev, etc. were thrown around.

Granted they were traded but it was that depth that one the rangers a cup and they've been forgetting that for 10 years now.

If Malhotra were given a fair chance, i'd bet you anything he could have been a productive player in this league. If he were actually developed i bet his career is a different story. fact is he lost too much development time. this isn't a college class kiddies, you lose that time and you DON'T get it back. the league doesnt work like that, it moves at a fast pace.

there is no reason that the ONLY return we could get for two former first round picks in their early 20's was Martin friggin Rucinsky. That shows me two things, that Sather really has sunk far since the 1990 season and this team sucks so bad at development that the best they can do for two first round picks is turn them into an aging winger who was already past his prime and whose only dimension was starting to look like a big fat goose egg.

Cmon people Sather got lucky in one draft, 1979. His picks in the following two years were good, but not enough to win a championship. Getting Gretzky as a gift for joining the league and the 1979 draft made that team. No other edmonton trade during that period made much of an impact and one needn't look further then the way Smith hosed him in the early 90's as prove of his capabilities as a GM. The only valuable asset he got was Weight and Marchant. And even those can't be considered total loses because the rangers won the cup with tik and mactavish. In return he lost Messier,Graves, Beukeboom, and Lowe he got Rice,Nichols,DeBrusk,Mallette,David Shaw and Roman Oksuita.

Come on now, this man's legacy has been overhyped for years.

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