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02-04-2012, 10:20 PM
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I'm assuming I'm going to have a lot to say here and I'm typing on my phone, which doesn't let me space paragraphs, so I apologize for the ginormous post. Tonight was just not our night. We played absolutely terrible defensively and that was the main thing that I think lost us the game. Way too many scoring chances in flurries in front of Clemmensen, whom I don't believe can really be blamed for the lost. I'm not too upset since I didn't think we'd win this game anyway. It was the second of back-to-backs after a win and Clemmemsen started both games. Can't forget it was St. Louis's 900th career game, so the Lightning were fired up. As for my first experience at a game in Tampa, I was VERY impressed. Their pre-game presentation was awesome and their scoreboard puts ours to shame. The tesla coils are extremely cool. The fans overall were not bad. Only a few people told us to 'go home' or that the 'panthers suck' which I expected. They were definitely more into the game overall than I see at most Panthers games. Although telling Foster he sucks when he's never played in a game and booing us whenever we touched the puck towards the end was pretty lame. I was also impressed at how many Panthers fans were there. I'd say that we made up about 15-20% of the crowd. A girl behind me said you can usually count the Panthers fans there on one hand and she's never seen anything like it there before. It was awesome seeing Laus and Beezer again as well as meeting blackpanthers and panthersflames. I'll certainly be back for a game there next season.

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