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02-04-2012, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by leesmith View Post
Is that a result of the team he's on or his contribution to the team? I suspect it's the latter. Otherwise, why would Philly even consider moving him?
While I may have overstated by including Jenner on that list, I believe Carter doesn't fix what ails the CBJ, not even a little bit.
I've followed Philly since the early 70s and know them as well as I know the CBJ. Carter was moved for TWO reasons: Chris Pronger and Ed Snider's demands they get a goaltender.

Pronger didn't like Mike Richards and resented having Richards as captain of the Flyers. Carter and Richards (along with Umberger) broke in together. They started together with the Phantoms, winning a Calder Cup. They moved to the big team together and were the leaders of a damn good team. Pronger and Richards are both very strong personalities and they clashed from the first day Pronger joined the Flyers. He expected Richards to show him deference. What had been a strong dressing room with great chemistry quickly became divided. One group was loyal to Richards, another group was loyal to Pronger. Richards and Carter, having been together since the 2003 draft are great friends. Carter would have been a reminder of the old leadership group Pronger had banished.

At the same time after the loss to the Bruins in the playoffs, the Flyers' owner Ed Snider threw a now famous tantrum. He went off on GM Paul Holmgren in a semi-public setting telling him he had been personally embarassed and Holmgren would get him a franchise goalie or he was gone. Holmgren traded for Bryzgalov and signed him to a 9 year $51 million contract and the Flyers had a cap problem. This was really secondary, because of the Pronger problem.

On the other hand, Philadelphia is a way different situation than Columbus. They have a deep strong defense that is so good, that when they lost Pronger, the blue line is still good enough to be a solid playoff team. The entire organization, from Ed Snider on down demands excellence. The fans don't tolerate anything less than that. Go back and look up the quote about Voracek and accepting the accoutability and demand for success in Philly. It's very much like the comments by Malhotra about the Sharks dressing room.

I shouldn't have to tell you that Chris Pronger is/was a franchise defenseman, a supreme competitor and a complete ass. You've seen his act enough at Edmonton and Anaheim.

As far as Philly fans are concerned, the ones who said NO WAY they would trade Carter, and then started posting that Carter is a bum and Mr. High and Right after he was traded, remember Phiily fans are the fans who booed Santa Claus. Go to the Wells Fargo Center and you will see a crazy bunch of hyper critical people.
Most Flyers fans are like any other fans, people who just want to cheer their team and have a good time. There is a vocal minority that makes Pens fans look docile. They are the ones posting trash about Carter.

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