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Originally Posted by FrenchyRivera View Post

"They pay for their tickets, they have the right to do what they want," he said. "But instead of booing one player, night after night, stop going to the Bell Centre if you're that angry. The abuse can destroy a person."

Brisebois reached the breaking point before a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs in February 2003 when he complained of chest pains during the warmup and feared he had had a heart attack. He was later diagnosed with stress-related anxiety.

"The doctor told me that my heart was fine," Brisebois said. "Everything was in my head. I wasn't a machine, just a player who worked hard. (But) In the street, people would shout, 'you're rotten, Brisebois,' It was too cruel."

"I can tell you that the pain was so great that every insult destroyed me bit by bit, undermined my confidence," he said. "After parties, I hid myself and cried in my car on the way home."

He was diagnosed with depression, but Brisebois said he couldn't just walk into the locker room and tell his colleagues he was taking antidepressants.

I want everyone to read the article above about Patrice Brisebois's struggles when he was being relentlessly booed on the ice. I don't care "how much money you make" or "how mentally tough you are", athletes are still human beings.

This "sarcastic" cheering for Gomez is disgusting and as a Canadiens fan of 20 years, I am disgusted at the fans who not only do this at the games but sit on message boards saying how "wonderful" it is. I feel sad for you people saying this, you need to look in the mirror and examine the direction your life is going in, because it's truly disgusting.
I was not a fan of Brisebois...but for the life of me I just don't understand how you can boo a player on your team due to poor play and consider yourself a fan. It makes ZERO sense. I could understand if the player was a ******, didn't give any effort or was rude to the fans but besides that it makes no sense at all if you want that player to improve his performance. And that whole "I bought a ticket I have a right to boo" is some of the dumbest crap you can say. Jackie Robinson's hecklers said the same crap.

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