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11-09-2003, 11:57 PM
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Perreault has played 168 games with the Habs.

Perreault has 109 points with the Habs, including 56 goals.

At first glance, you look at those numbers and are pleased.

Perreault is a collective -18 with the Habs.

In other words, he's managed to be a minus player despite being a fairly high scorer. Therefore one can extrapolate that his benefit to the team has been minimized by his lack of defensive capability. For every point he's on the ice for, he's on the ice for more than a goal against.

Hardly what I'd call astounding numbers.

Now, it's not all that bad, because he's been playing on a bad team and he was a plus player with the Buds. However, he was also playing with defensively responsible players back then - and on a significantly higher scoring team. Of note, he was a negative player with the Kings.

Okay he wins faceoffs and okay he scores. But would you rather see someone with some defensive capability there, even if it's only minor capability? And if that same person has the ability to score anywhere close to 25 goals a year? And if that person can pass the puck and set up a plethora more?

Tough logic to break. And as I write it, I realize that Ribby, deficient in many ways though he is, is probably a better number two. He may not score 25, but he'll give you 15. And then he'll pass for double what Perreault can assist on - with his eyes closed. And while he's weak, he still picks off about ten times the pucks in the defensive zone than Perreault.

Wow, I was thinking it was going to look bad on Perreault, but not overwhelming. This has been a revelation to me. Perreault should not play anymore. Even if Ribby is weak on his skates, I think I just proved to myself than he's a better player than Perreault is anyhow.

Faceoff wins be damned.

A concerned fan.

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