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02-05-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by IDuck View Post
demo typically means (ill use golf clubs for example because its easier to explain) that its a brand new club that a shop uses to showcase a new tech./product and let people test it in the case of skates i would assume the guy is some sort of a dealer and had people test them out on the ice but probably not in a game....but to answer your question if they are in good condition its a great value....its like going to best buy and buying the open box item at $200 off and all your giving up is the joy of cutting open the box and opening everything (even though i love that)

edit: on something like this i always tell people to go with there gut...if it doesnt feel right or something seems off then dont do it, but from what you described, to me seems legit
What makes the situation seem a bit odd to me is that they have demos in this particular model in many different sizes.

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