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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Unless you believe Gomez is not trying on the ice, or he takes cheap shots at other players, or he punched a 10-year-old kid, the booing simply makes Montreal fans look like a bunch of babies. Yes, yes, yes, I've heard all the "I bought my ticket so I have a right to boo" arguments, which really means, "I have a right to be obnoxious". Well, I also bought tickets. I've gone to the games. I've seen some great games and some blown leads. But it never occurred to me to boo a team I constantly refer to as "Us" and "We". Until the players disrespect the fans I won't disrespect them.

The simple truth is that we're watching a player who has totally lost his confidence. Gomez is still capable of setting up plays, but seems to have lost the ability to finish anything. This happens to every player at a certain point in their career. His contract and his ice time are the fault of management, not Gomez. I think he's doing his best; unfortunately, there's no 'best' left in the tank. Am I frustrated? Yup. Will I boo Gomez for the erosion of his hockey talent? Nope.

Booing him accomplishes nothing. It doesn't help Gomez, it doesn't convince management to send him down, it doesn't make him a more attractive trade prospect. Mostly, it doesn't make Montreal a more attractive destination for players. So, aside from being rude and disloyal, ask yourself what exactly the point of booing is? If all you can come up with is "It makes me feel good", then take a moment to consider what that says about you.

This summed it up for me:
This post pretty much nails it for me with emphasis on the bolded part.

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