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joueur de hockey
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Position: D
Shoots: Left
Height: 6-1
Weight: 195 lbs.
Inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame as Player in 1979
1411 games
All-star team: 1st
Norris Trophy in 67


Legends of Hockey:
Henry Vernon Howell, known by everybody as Harry, had played more games than any defenseman in major-league hockey history by the time he retired
He quickly gained a reputation as a durable, dependable "iron man" and, amazingly, missed only 17 games in his first 16 seasons as a Ranger. Howell's best season was in 1966-67 when he won the Norris Trophy as the NHL's top defenseman
Joe Pelletier:
not an overly aggressive rearguard he used his hockey sense to become an extremely effective defensive player. He was quite the unsung hero, buried with the largely unsuccessful Rangers. It was rare that he was rightfully recognized as one of hockey's top players.
Although not regarded as an offensive threat by today's standards, Howell was a slick passer who always made the safe play. He was a reliable work horse who could always be counted on to bring his steady game every night of the week. A master of the poke check, his understated brilliance was certainly appreciated by his coaches and teammates, especially his goaltenders. He always was able to steer oncoming attackers to the boards and away from scoring spots
Doug Harvey:
They donít come much better than Harry
Coach Emile Francis:
The thing that makes him the great hockey player he is , is that the quality of his game seldom varies. Some defensemen, they look like all-stars one night, or maybe for three games in a row, and then they tail off. But Harry, he's like the Rock of Gibraltar.Hockey is a game of mistakes, and Harry doesn't make many of them.

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