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02-05-2012, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Pleky Roks View Post
If the fans were cheering for Gomez sarcastically....then I am honestly ashamed!!! What a rotten thing to do to a guy who is trying his best every shift!! Nobody can sit here and tell me that Gomez doesn't try or work hard....and if they say so, they are lying!! Gomez is one of the guys that puts in an honest days work every game.

Yes the guy is overpaid and yes he isn't putting up as many points as he should be (50-60)...but he works hard and tries his best. Gainey brought Gomez here because he took a gamble that he could re-energize him by playing with Gionta again....the experiment didn't work...end of story....stop crying about it!! Glen Sather was the idiot that gave that contract to Gomez....and at the time Gomez was coming off a huge season and was the best free agent available.

I see some posters in here trying to justify booing the team because they paid $200 for a ticket to see the game and didn't like the product on the ice. Thats the biggest BS statement I've ever heard. Instead of booing the team mercilessly....try cheering for them and trying to give them a boost of confidence....maybe that'll produce more positive results....lords knows its something that the negative fans haven't tried yet!

And if you don't understand hockey well enough to realize that its just a game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes playing an 82 game season with practices everyday wears players out after a while....then you shouldn't be spending $200 on a ticket. There are many factors that effect the outcome of hockey games...and the teams success in general. Just because they don't announce it, doesn't mean players aren't playing injured or sick....players have lives off the ice, sometimes playing with hangovers from a late night before a game....**** happens....get over it!!

If you are a true fan of the'll stand behind them no matter what. You'll be patient and understanding and support the team no matter what happens. Cheer for the team instead of booing'll be surprised how much better they will play and the results might be different.
And if you don't understand habs fans. Why does everyone say its the hardest team to play for,because of days like today. I don't know if I agree or not with the sarcastic cheers for Gomez and the team booing but I know I wasn't surprised at all,it was such an expected behavior. And if you understand the Bell centre u know it's a place where if u suck, u'll know it and hear it big time.
I've seen fans boo their own team a lot in all sports, but the sarcastic cheers are very rare to occur in a home stadium, i guess, as rare as having the highest paid player scoreless for a calender year.
and u'll know the occurance of sarcastic cheers is similar to having an overpaid center

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