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02-05-2012, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post
Look, there's just something about a performer, placed in that position by circumstances beyond his control, getting openly mocked on a regular basis by 20 000 fans that just makes me feel queezy inside. I don't get a kick watching it.

I find unclassy, tasteless, pointless and downright juvenile.

But that's just me.
I think Gomez seems like a great guy, and I do feel a little bad for him that all of this is happening, but how exactly is this "beyond his control"? Gomez accepted his contract, knowing full well that a contract that size comes with a lot of pressure to perform, and he is the one who hasn't been performing. Who exactly controls his lack of goal-scoring if not him? On the flipside, would we say that someone like Stamkos, who is scoring goals, is not in control of his goal scoring? Of course not - likewise Gomez is completely responsible for this situation because he's the one that isn't scoring.

But all in all, I think this is being a little overblown - it's just a few fans trying to have a little fun in what has been an otherwise terrible and depressing season.

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