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02-05-2012, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
Lets say that happens, unlikely, but it is possible. STU plays Saturday afternoon against PEI at 2 PM. STU wins and has twenty points. Dal and X play at 7 PM that night. One of those two teams are finished because of it and STU is hoping that X or Dal plays for pride/respect. After what I saw last night at the LBR, I don't think X will do that. Dalhousie...sure why not.

In regard to X's antics last night it was pretty bad but you could tell they were frustrated and disappointed with another loss to the last place team. Understandable really. I did want to point out the classy move Troy Ryan pulled.

X was playing out the rest of the game on the PK, most of it 2 men down with a 1:30 left. Ryan calls a time out. The only time I have seen this done, late in a game that is already won, is UNB against us several times. When the Squirrels do it they load the PP and pad the stats, all class. (Has anyone else seen UNB do this?) Ryan obviously told them to keep the puck on the perimeter, don't shoot on net, for the love of God don't get scored on and play out the clock. Why? Don't embarrass X and make the situation worse.

That pleased me as a hockey fan.

I did notice this last time UNB played STU, as they did put their number 1 and 2 power play units out in the last of the game. In the past, when games have gotten out of hand, and UNB was on late power plays, they wouldn't often ever put out the Tremblays, Hennigars, Culligans and Baileys, and would usually put out the guys who were not regulars on the power play units.

I like Troy Ryan, I like what he has done so far, and I think he is truly respected by everyone, fans, media, players, opposing coaches. If you look at strictly wins/loses it doesn't look like STU improved a lot however they have, the rest of the stats have improved they're discipline has improved, they're spirits have improved. and with a full off season as head Coach Troy will have a much better chance of making even bigger strides for next year. The new Rink will certainly help.

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