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02-05-2012, 10:34 AM
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You know, these days I think the fans of the Habs are more detriment to the Habs than an advantage.
How many players have we booed out of town who are doing pretty good elsewhere? The fans/media are an advantage if the team was playing at the top of the field but those dynasty days are over and the chances of the Habs playing at that level in any kind of consistency are slim specially these days with the cap.
UFA's don't want to come here because of the fans and media (lot alone the financial situation).
Wouldn't surprise me if the players here who are having a tough time would want to go elsewhere as well.
It's not just the management that's a mess. The fans, media, management and the players, we are all at fault in the dismal team we see on the ice. As far as I'm concerned, the fans and media actually makes the team play worse. We go away to other arenas and have to contend with fans cheering their team on. We play at home and have to contend with the fans booing our players... The only players who do well are probably those that have incredible mental toughness or are playing up to their potential...and sadly that isn't the case most times.
Mind you, I'm not saying we don't have the right to boo our own players, because we definitely do. Its just that it doesn't actually help the team win or even help them play better.
Frankly we deserve the team we have now.

PS...please fire management. They suck.
And if you want the #1 pick, play Gomez and Kabs 30+min a game/every game and boo them like crazy. No big time UFA would ever want to play here so the only way to get better is from within, i.e. the draft. So we need that #1 pick.

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