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02-05-2012, 11:00 AM
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Either players are not listening or something is amiss with the coaching staff. The same plays work against the Sens almost every game in many cases against the same guys.

How many times have we seen 4 guys chasing the puck carrier down low leaving someone wide open in front and the points completely clear. How many times do the Sens over commit to one side or the other leaving it wide open for a trailer on the opposite side to walk in for a clear shot. How many times do our D get beat by allowing an opposing player to get behind them. When our forwards are deep in the O-zone why do they insist on making those soft passes back to the D when the opposing forward is playing high almost 3-4 feet from the D who then either have to back out of the zone or risk getting checked or bobbling the puck and losing it for a breakaway or odd man rush.

Teams have been studying the Sens and this is where coaching has to step in and vary some things around to force the other team to adjust too. They keep trying the same plays and don't seem to have any other strategy during the game except to change the lines. I would expect the coaches to be much better at making in-game adjustment when things aren't working other than flipping 3rd line and 1st line wingers.

I'd like the Sens to play a safe defensive checking game for a while until they settle down. There will be less pressure if they wait for the other team to make mistakes. Right now they are forcing plays, the back checkers are getting caught up ice and aside from the Kuba-Karlsson pairing on most nights the D are being overwhelmed.

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