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02-05-2012, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by michaelshu View Post
compare it with your friends' sticks using the same pressure
Originally Posted by AndreD View Post
Bend the stick, how does it feel? That's far more important than the number which can differ in what it actually means between makes / models. If the original number isn't printed on the stick though you have no way of telling short of getting it tested which would be really pointless and expensive.
These are actually very bad ways to tell the flex. Different sticks have different kickpoints and differently engineered flex profiles. High vs low end will differ too due to materials. A low kick stick feels 'stiffer' than a mid-kick with the same rating as an example. So don't just give some sticks a push to tell.

Take off the endcap and see if there's print on the inside?

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