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11-10-2003, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Jamie-L
Gilmour and Hull were not traded for each other. Rob Ramage and Rick Wamsley were dealt for Brett Hull.
Still a huge price to pay.
The entire point of my post is that when a team realizes they are trading the final piece of the puzzle to another team, it usually is a big cost.

If the av's pick a goalie ANY goalie will cost more than market value.
Look even at the Schneider trade last year... a first rounder, Kuznetsov (another first rounder), and Avery (young grit)...
Now we're talking about arguably the most valuable position on the team (goal). No matter who it is they pick up, it will cost more than a second rounder.
Any of those goaltenders named (Burke, Biron, Kolzig) will cost more than a second round pick.

as I've mentioned, Hackett (much more a liability than Burke) cost the Sharks more last year than a second rounder.
and as for Burke being a 'rental'... If the 'rental' leads the team to the promised land.... than the price above the second rounder was worth it.

Ask any Calgary Flame if they would take that cup away in order to have Brett Hull... Never. Because ultimately every team's goal is to win the cup (wether it looks like it or not)... and a Cup is worth more than a player, because of the honour involved in being a champion.

Burke would indeed cost less than Biron and Kolzig... but anything under a first rounder/good prospect would be a steal.
Biron has many many years in front of him... his ticket price would be very high... as would Kolzig due to his 5 + good years left under his belt.

Colorado may have a good team up front (they are the equivalent to a Hemi in terms of muscle power) But their goaltending does not scare anyone. Goaltending makes or breaks any play-off drive.

IMHO These goatenders are worth more than a 60+ pick, espescially to the Colorado Av's... considering they are contenders already.

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