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Originally Posted by topched View Post
LOL relax for a minute. Take a deep breath.

I don't know if I would call lemaire "tremendous" or "head and shoulders above RW"

Wilson's got more wins. Sure Lemaire's got a SC but that was practically 2 decades ago.

Why is he great, because he managed to implement a trap system and make the playoffs consistently with the Wild?

There are arguments for Lemaire being a better coach, but he's far from a shoe-in.
Allow me to make this clear to you:

The OP believes that Wilson's only reason for failure was that he didn't have talented players. I stated that I hate this notion as good coaches find a way to get more out of their players than their individual talents and implement systems to allow them to compete despite their talent levels. Not one person is suggesting our 2nd to last team should have won the Cup. Not one person is saying Lemaire won the Cup with Minnesota. That's all just people with weak minded arguments trying to shift goal posts. Over and over again Lemaire took Wild teams that were not very good on paper and made them competitors for playoff berths despite on paper being cellar dwellers. In addition, over his entire career, no matter what team he was with or who the players, he almost always had a top 10 PK. If we want to carry it a step further, how do you explain what happened last season with a team full of the exact same players in New Jersey but two different coaches? Again, you'll try to shift the goal posts with some lame argument about him being retired. Guess what? It has nothing to do with the subject. We aren't asking him to coach the Leafs, we are illustrating that good coaches have repeated success in getting more from their players and implementing strategies to maximize their players assets while minimizing their weaknesses.

If any of you really struggle with these notions, try looking at centuries of warfare. There's a reason some leaders are considered greater than others. Many times the inferior on paper holds their own and it's usually through strategy.

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