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Originally Posted by SteveV View Post
I agree, good goaltending is imperative.

New Jersey disagrees. There are other team systems that work when you don't have a solid goaltender (not Toskala bad thing you need a miracle then) but Giggy/Monster bad like last year). Wilson never adapted the system to win other coaches would

Originally Posted by GrizzLeaf View Post
I swear, when the Leafs make the play-offs, posters will still mention how long it took Wilson to get them there, if they credit him at all.

For a board full of fans that were saying they could be patient for a rebuild (when Burke came on-board), we sure are impatient for results.
Dineen is looking like he will turn around the panther in one year.
Pat Burns turned the leafs around in one year.

It is not impossible to do, the coach needs help from the GM with solid trades.
Wilson is doing an "average" job. Not terrible nor is he overachieving - just meh.

Originally Posted by SteveV View Post
14 games without a goal, only 22 penalties taken, go back in your history book and find the last time that happened. LOL, just can't credit anything.
The team is not as bad as their 75% PK ability (they had a lot of bad luck) nor as good as 100% over the last 14PK. They look better now but not 100% good, I'd say they will average out to 80 to 85% by end of the season Jan 1 onward.

Originally Posted by SteveV View Post
No they shouldnt have and their play since leaving PROVES it. A bunch of bums! Stajan can barely stay in the league, ditto for Hagman, Poni is marginal, our goalies aren't even in the LEAGUE ANYMORE!

Give me a break, we had a bad, bad, bad team.
What about 2010-2011 season - what is the excuse then? They still missed the playoffs and Burke had full control of the roster including goaltending (save Kaberle). He even benefited from JFJ draft picks in Reimer, Gunnar, Kulemin etc and Fletcher got him Grabbo. Still more excuses.

Originally Posted by SteveV View Post
Burns was a great coach, but he also had a great team. Gilmour was MVP, we had an awesome goalie, Clark was perhaps the best grit/skill combo in the league and our defence was stacked with solid players. Hello in there, Burns does jack without players who could EXECUTE.
Fletcher hired Burns, traded for Gilmour, signed Fuhr in his first year of GM.
Burke stayed with Wilson, traded for kessel/Phaneuf, stayed with Toskala and then traded for Giggy and signed Monster.

Only one of them made the playoffs in the second year - give credit to the coach for getting team to perform or the GM for getting the right talent or perhaps a bit of both for Burns/Fletcher. Burke/Wilson have had an average rebuild.

Originally Posted by SteveV View Post
Thank you.

And please let us know ANY Leafs team that has succeeded WITHOUT that type of goaltending. Just one?
Shame on Burke for muffing goaltending for close to 3 years.

Originally Posted by mooseOAK View Post
John Mitchell is a fine example of a player who was given every chance to succed in Toronto. Good for him that it is finally working out.

I don't think that the worst Leaf hater would tell you that that group of centreman is good but yet we see it here.
Lebda does "ok" on columbus and wings - why? Simple the coach knows not to give the player big and important minutes in a night and overwhelm them by treating them as 4/5 dman. It is Wilson's fault for not using a player of that quality appropriately. Other coaches seem to get how to use lower quality player effectively. That said good on Wilson for benching Komisarek the last 2 games and Burke what were you thinking?

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