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02-05-2012, 05:14 PM
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imo the guy is allowed to change his philosophy and adapt without having to make an announcement to the fan and the world that he made some mistakes.

we've gotten bigger and tougher. he balled up and traded halak, got us eller, signed cole, managed to dispose of cammy while not getting fleeced, and saving a bit of cap. getting wiz at the time was a great move and paid off as much as it could. also diaz, who is average, but cost us NOTHING. a small gamble that paid off. even if we don't end up needing him, we created trade value that can be packaged, out of thin air just by signing him and him performing.

he also resigned gorges. sure he could have done it last year, and saved a million dollars by locking him up. but wtv, seriously. he still got him locked and he played it safe. what a ****fest it would have been on here if he signed him a la markov and we had 2 guys out all year with bum knees and fresh contracts...come on, he was at least smart with that one.

he also got emelin here. whether he had a big part in that or not, he gets credit for it. just like obama got osama and ghadaffi. it happened during his tenure, he did it.

sure, we traded some 2nd rounders for rentals, but we also got some picks in those trades, and we prospects we got back were once 2nd rounders themselves. so what's the problem?

in general his moves have been lateral at worst, with a few upgrades and 1 gem.

the only useless move was trading spacek for anything but a pick or AHLer, but at the time there was still a shot at the playoffs and there was and still is an outside chance that kabs can play well. still probably his worst move, if you had to pick one.

and the whole markov debacle and not being prepared on D..

we're also not smurfs anymore. not huge, but not laughably small. and emelin's hits alone kinna pull the team towards the 'huge' side.

still overall, barring what happens from now to the trade deadline, i wouldn't really have a problem keeping him. we'll see what he does with gomez and the offseason. i think he has a plan, i think it's different from his old one, and we should be happy that he has less of a one track mind than we may think. if next season is like this season by january, then can him, but let's see who we get to coach and how our D looks.

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