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02-06-2012, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by haleks View Post
I'm not a goalie but isn't it better to just put your stick perpendicular to the ice near your body and once it hit you, you smoother it?
no, you want to 'push' the stick away from your body, in order to [hopefully] counter-act the forward trying to push the puck towards the net. your aim there is to contact the puck as soon as possible, the more time a forward has to make the shot, the better his chances .. in that case, by Gaborik curling AWAY from the post [and not trying to stuff it between Bryz and the post - which Bryz had covered], he bought himself more room & time .. ultimately that's why it went in - Bryz protected against the 'stuffer', while Gaborik got a regular backhand attempt on net ..... still that save is made 95% of the time with Bryz's wrong guess .. but a goalie's 1st priority is to cut off the stuffer.

i would still blame myself on that one [and Bryz here], although realistically, he did exactly what we all do. the only other thing i've seen done is a goalie holding the tape knob of his stick, and violently 'sweeping' the stick towards that player [on the ice], around the post, even wrapping back around the net [in an attempt to blow up the play] . Bryz really had no time for that, though ... and it most likely wouldn't have helped in this case, as Gaborik went away from the net, more towards the high crease .. that's because Mez let him do that by chasing behind.

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