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02-06-2012, 02:26 AM
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I just sat down to start reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I gave up after 10 pages. This writing style is maddening for people who hate sentence fragments, run-on sentences and lack of punctuation. Here's an excerpt:
He lay listening to the water drip in the woods. Bedrock, this. The cold and the silence. The ashes of the late world carried on the bleak and temporal winds to and fro in the void. Carried forth and scattered and carried forth again. Everything uncoupled from its shoring. Unsupported in the ashen air. Sustained by a breath, trembling and brief. If only my heart were alone.

He woke before dawn and watched the gray day break. Slow and half opaque. He rose while the boy slept and pulled on his shoes and wrapped in his blanket he walked out through the trees. He descended into a gryke in the stone and there he crouched coughing and he coughed for a long time. Then he just knelt in the ashes. He raised his face to the paling day. Are you there? he whispered. Will I see you at the last? Have you a neck by which to throttle you? Have you a heart? Damn you eternally have you a soul? Oh God, he whispered. Oh God.
Reading that is just maddening to me. It's also disappointing, since I was interested in reading some of Cormac McCarthy's other novels (ex. Blood Meridian, No Country for Old Men) afterward. For those who've read some of his other novels, are they like this, too? If so, I may need to pass, since this writing is much more frustrating for me than entertaining.

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