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02-06-2012, 04:37 AM
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It was interesting to study Philly's PP. Its set up SOLELY around Giroux AND Timmonens ability to play keep away with the puck around the perimeter of the attacking zone. A RH playmaker on the right side and a left handed PPQB. That, or the opposite, is what every good PP is built around these days. You force the box to commit on one side, than takes a shot from the other side and get three players going to the net trying to get a advantage when it comes to picking up a rebound.

ALL of our sticks on the PP, if we put our best guys on it, is pointing in the wrong direction. AND, Gabby do NOT have the ability to play that keep away style. If Richards pass the puck to Gabby, the PK box can be sure that they won't have to worry about a shot from the left side. If Timmonen pass the puck to Giroux on the left side, in a blink of an eye, a shot can come from the right side. The reason our PP sucks is that i) we don't have a playmate for Richards and ii) we don't have a RH shot from the blueline to play Richards with. It is as simple as that.

As teams improves and the game evolves it is becoming more and more about science and mathematics. Its definitely a trend in many fields of the game today that you really need to explore those options that it is impossible to defend against. Put the puck on the net, and a defending team can never take away all options. It can deflect, or the rebound can end up in the absolute worst imaginable position. It the same with the PP. Force the box to commit on one side, than take a shot from the other side. Hope to get the rebound.

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