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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
You really think they all score the same in a Detroit system? Boston? Philly?

Kopitar should be pushing 40 goals. Brown should be at 30. Same with Williams.

How is 20 goals performing? You really think 20 goals is their ceiling? That's just sad.

Smyth is doing better in Edmonton.

i think kopi can top 30 max with a load of assists on browns 25-30 and williams 25-30
penner also has potential to be a 20 goal scorer if he would block the goalies view, i honestly dont think they're using penner right..
Lewis has speed and no finish, but he's improving.

How different would this team be with scott parse ?

It's obviously based on both, the knucklehead Lombardi can't create an offensive phenom, while some of the players currently on this roster couldn't hit the pacific ocean if they jumped out of the boat(stole it from a few people i saw post it, fits perfectly for this team).
I think a problem is Stoll at 30 years old should be in his prime for another year or so is being forced to play the wing due to the injury of gagne and the lack of productivity by penner and it's really hurting his playing.
What has DL really done for this team?
He brought in Richards, Kopitar, Johnson, Doughty, Gagne, Penner (**** trade btw) and some others.

I think he's been in the office for two long and he needs to go, I just hope the owner doesn't bring in a GM who wants to completely re-do the team.
Darryl Sutter is not to blame.. He is by far a much better coach then TM and he has at least got LA in the top 8 so far. He is working with the **** talent he has.

Todd Cordell via twitter: Cordell made note that Darren Dreger said on TSN1050 radio that the Kings are interested in Maple Leafs Nikolai Kulemin and Clarke MacArthur.

both of those players are bottom 6 for this team. Kulemin has like 4 goals or something. I don't want to see Clifford traded. Hunter can't be drawing in any interest and I can't see Frasier going(btw y would dl trade for another center?).

Ryan Malone has also been mentioned... He can help out a bottom 6, possibly even 2nd line with Richards.

Dennis Bernstein via twitter: If the Kings end up trading one of their defenseman, it would likely be Jack Johnson. Hes in the rumors as hes a 24 year old Dman on a long term deal with a decent salary cap hit.

if johnson and bernier move we better be getting a 1st line player who is young..


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