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02-06-2012, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by kimmofan44 View Post
i know it seems wrong to have a thread to complain about something as childish as bad referee's but, we have been he recieptiants of a ton of non calls in big games(boston jersey and ny) and some questionable calls(both against and for the flyers)
is it possible that the game has been made so fast in recent years that refs simply can't make decent calls on a routine basis anymore?
is it time to impliment a challenge rule? one challenge per game if you lose you get a 2 min delay of game?
whats everyone think?
Challenges just dont work in hockey or basketball. To be honest, the definition of every penalty is really up to the ref's judgement. There are some penalties that are automatic penalties but so many others are hard to define. That is why Hockey will always have varying degrees of reffing.

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