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02-06-2012, 05:58 AM
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From just a pure numbers standpoint, if you don't reach the NHL or at least play some collegiate hockey, the odds are minuscule that you'd reach your stated goal of NHL GM. However, work in the accounting, scouting, and legal departments seems more feasible without requiring any hockey experience.

Assuming you have the skill and drive to play though, my advice would be to work hard at networking yourself with lower-level collegiate coaches and programs, in an attempt to gain yourself a scholarship or walk-on opportunity. Afterwards, graduate programs in law or executive management couldn't hurt either. Then, it comes down to hard work, luck, and who you know; maybe you get an internship or assistant position, maybe you don't. At worst, you'll have college degrees, which could lead to other careers in sports, like player agent or athletic director, or maybe you'll look in a different direction as you mature with age.

And FYI, just in our division alone: Regier was a former player, w/ties to Al Arbour, 1980's NYI; Burke was a collegiate/AHL player, agent, and Harvard Law grad, w/ties to his college coach Lou Lamoriello; Chiarelli was a Harvard player, agent, and law school grad; Gauthier came up the ranks as a scout w/Quebec before reaching assistant GM and GM with other teams; and Murray coached his way up from the CJHL into an NHL coaching/executive position.

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