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Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
I just sat down to start reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I gave up after 10 pages. This writing style is maddening for people who hate sentence fragments, run-on sentences and lack of punctuation. Here's an excerpt:Reading that is just maddening to me. It's also disappointing, since I was interested in reading some of Cormac McCarthy's other novels (ex. Blood Meridian, No Country for Old Men) afterward. For those who've read some of his other novels, are they like this, too? If so, I may need to pass, since this writing is much more frustrating for me than entertaining.
If you hate those things as a rule, then you're never going to get into McCarthy, because it's pretty characteristic of his style.

But I would say The Road is especially brutal, and that you might want to try one of his books with a little more variance in the narration like NCFOM or All the Pretty Horses. The Road is a book I admired rather than enjoyed, and I wouldn't recommend it as a good entry point to McCarthy's books.

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