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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
Actually that is not the case. I have mentioned several times on this beloved board that Weber and Suter have not been playing well since the all star break.

Being on the ice taking up minutes does not mean he is doing good things. Sure he is serviceable. He is not horrible and does not deserve to be on a local roller blade hockey team but the fact is he makes more MISTAKES than he does GAME CHANGING GOOD PLAYS. I have proven that with facts and examples. Peka has saved his and other teamates ass way to many times. If it was not for him this team would not be half of what it is.

I think it is best just to agree to disagree. I could say the sky is high and you would argue it not really that high.
So let's do this. Take out the MISTAKES and GAME CHANGING GOOD PLAYS as you called them. During the course of a game or season, there really aren't that many. Now look at all the regular plays he makes that he doesn't do either of those. Hmmmm, his body of work suggests he plays the game pretty well.

And in reality, the sky isn't that high if you consider everything above and beyond it, outer space, so no, the sky really isn't that high since once you hit the atmosphere, we're in outer space which isn't the sky anymore.

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