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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
Same old crap, Subban can't do anything right. Can't please everyone. You still have to complain about something. Look, if he doesn't fight then he's not "backing it up". If and when he does fight (despite being a below-average fighter and way too important to the team to sit in the box for 5 minutes) the trolls are giving him grief for "not fighting properly" and "not going by the code". Are we still whining about this "code" BS?

Look, some angry due that's miles bigger than Subban initiates a fight and wants to drop the gloves 'cuz he's angry about a hit that ruined a potential scoring chance. Fine, so drop the gloves and get at it, but no, he's got to do the glove dangling for a while. Subban accepts, drops the mits, starts filling the guy in.

What the hell is the problem here?

Of all the things to criticize about Subban, you guys are really stretching on this one. Let the guy play hockey. Let him yap too, it's obviously effective as you want everyone on the other team to hate the guy.

But wanting someone to "correct" him, presumably by injuring Subban? You want the guy hurt? Are you for serious? Think a fight loss will make him stop yapping? Really? You need help.
Wow, you're the one in need of SERIOUS HELP BY FAR. For starters, well I don't bash you for not reading everything I write, 'cause that would obviously be a long job. But how about trying to not look bad by saying that I'M saying he can't do no right when he's actually amongst the guys I DON,T want to trade unless there's MASSIVE OVERPAYMENT coming our way. I keep saying that, but I guess you missed it. Which is something I WOULDN'T say if I'd be THAT against him. And don't look but I was actually DEFENDING the point about him not having a code and about Wheeler complaining about the start of the fight.

Yet, the REALITY is that his constant yapping and him not backing it up the proper way WILL get him being clocked in the near future. IT WILL. I don't want to see anybody hurt. But I'm saying that the reality is that it will happen. Just like it will happen to Marchand, yet we don't care about him 'cause he's a Bruin...actually most of us, are WISHING it happens, but I guess he isn't a human being since a Bruins, okay I get your logic.

So your responding to me and your first paragraph and more is bashing the people who blames for the "code", I was defending him. Reading lessons in order.

Now, Subban's game, in order to let him play HIS game is all about being solid defensively, have a great puck protection, use his skills offensively to create something and give some great bodychecks once in a while......yapping and fighting shouldn't be HIS game 'cause when you yap, in this league, you do have to back it up which he can't do properly. Geez, that's the league who is ***** enough so that even legal hits, you almost have to fight for whatever stupid reason. So imagine when you keep provoking people. I'm sorry but right now, Subban is looking to have his game back. The kid is not there yet. So he should concentrate on playing the game as he should be playing it. Will you serioulsy miss his yapping if he stops doing it? I want my team to be tough and never back down. But you need the right guys to do it. You can't create guys like that. Just like you couldn't make Komisarek a fighter with what might have just stopped his progression right there. I don't want to see that happening with Subban, his whole attitude is not only disruptive to opponents but to his own teamates as well. The kid has some attitude issues that he has to correct. That's just a fact. Yet, you know what? He will work it out. Big deal. SKost and Grabs had their own types of problems and we shipped them out for a whole bag of nothing. That CANNOT happen with PK. But what's the freakin problem with PK having to work something? How the **** would a kid be perfect at the age he has? He isn't and some are saying what needs to be worked on. Big freakin deal.

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