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11-10-2003, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
the question that really needs to be answered is why did they lose their ice time in the first place? While I assume Sather wanted to go 'bigger' against Philly, he really hasn't explained himself. Was Sather afraid on Kim Johnsson manhandling Moore, perhaps on Eric's wing? And wasn't Carter just starting to click with Holik? So he moves off that line? Wasn't Barnaby and Mess playing well? It was Barnaby's most invisible game, I thought, thus far.
It is rather head-scratching. One would have thought that Sather would recall that Matty never clicked with Nedved. One would have thought that he would see that so far, the only place that has worked for Carter was with Holik. One would have though that he would learn from last year that displacing Lindros just so that Messier does not have to be a 4th line player is assinine. For all the talk of continuity when Lindros was injured, it all went out the window as soon as everyone was healthy enough to play. Why? Becuase once Messier started playing nearly 18 minutes on a regular basis, he was not going to go back to a 4th line role (if one can view his role before the Lindros injury as a simple 4th line player).
Playing Matty with Nedved and Kovalev was sheer folly. If ANYTHING, a line should have been made with Lindros as center and Lundmark and Barnaby or Simon as his linemates. But no. Couldn't have Messier playing a 4th line role. So the result? No 4th line and Lindros playing out of position so that Mess can play major minutes.

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