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02-06-2012, 10:15 AM
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Wow...the changes that were made make it seem like they're in China preparing little kids for the Olympics.

It really sucks that his passion for the game has been eroded, but I can't blame him. The lack of fair teams is unforgivable at that age. I know when I played, we lost 3 of our players about halfway through the season because our team was dominating everyone. We still ended up winning, but the games became much closer.

At that age, kids should just have fun. Sure, it could potentially help their future NHL careers if they work on skills instead of having fun in practice. Then again, at that age the kids aren't that physically mature and aren't able to take full advantage of skills work. What's the use of working on backhands if they don't have the strength to use it?

Anyways, I think turning away potential players and killing the drive in these kids more than cancels out the perceived benefits.

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