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11-10-2003, 06:38 AM
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I skate at the Kings training facility (Health South) everyday and usually get to watch the team practice (when in town) and I can tell you that, over the past three weeks, Adam has practiced a bunch more and taken place in contact drills a few times as well. He had two practiced before the team went on the roadie where he was just one of the guys and participated in every drill and really was hitting everyone and everything as hard as he could without pissing people off. (or so it looked to me) I have to think that he is as ready as he is going to be at this point and that there is a chance that he will play (along with Stymy I was told) when the team returns from its trip. I was told that he might get his first start in forever against the Leafs but look for him more on Saturday if all goes well.

So, in my opinion, he must be very close to trying to come back and play. It sure looks that way from here. My concern is that he will come back and try to do too much too soon to try and catch up with his team mates. I hope he just eases his way into the line up and starts off with maybe 10 mins a game for a week or two and doesn't try playing his usual grinding hard nosed style of hockey right away. The new "concussion proof" head gear he is wearing may help a bit but I would rather have a 75% Deader than none at all.

So, yes, i think he will be back this week or at the latest next unless he hurts himself in practice, and I don't think that will happen.

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