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With regards to my son, we just joined a local skating club that is very family oriented. Right now he is playing in their learn to play program where they split the kids up based on age/skill level in 3 groups. For the first 30 minutes, it's skating and drills and the last 15 minutes are either scrimmages or fun races. Immediately after learn to play is "family hockey" where kids and parents come out to play.

Yesterday since I played there in the morning I kept my goalie gear on and went out and set up in net for about an hour or so, basically in the butterfly as 10 kids would shoot on me at the same time.

As my son starts mites in the spring I hope that the environment continues to be fun.
Wow, that sounds like an awesome beginners program.

Prior to this new Program being introduced, ours was kind of the same (minus the parents at the end).
We'd start with 10 minutes of free-time, then do 10 minutes of full ice skating, then we split into 3 stations with 5 minutes at each.
The last 15 minutes we'd play fun games, scrimmages, etc. The atmosphere was light, fun and the kids all had a blast.
Not only that, but the kids developed a lot faster than they did in The Program.
Part of the reason was that kids actually wanted to come back. We ran at a 90% attendance rate.
During The Program, we were at 60%.
You can't build super players if they're not showing up to the rink.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Really sorry to hear about that experience.

I think the right way to be a good hockey dad is to encourage your kid to be active, have a good attitude, and learn a good work ethic. Those three things, and that's it. That's all you can control.

That hockey organization sounds terrible, putting too much pressure and stress on the kids. Half ice is great, skating instruction is great, but after about 15 minutes at that age...just drop the pucks and have fun!

If I were in your shoes, I'd give him a break from the organized hockey this year. Explain the situation (as best you can) but encourage him to keep playing basement/road/shinny hockey. And look for a more relaxed situation next year.

At some point he will have to decide if he wants to put in the work of organized hockey, work being a relative term, but 5 is still pretty young, especially after that bad experience.
That's the thing. At his age, it should never be considered work. It should about the purity of the sport.
Pond hockey is the very essence of the sport. We need to have that same concept when getting these young kids on the ice.
My brother runs a Mini-basketball program for kids aged 5-7. He runs very simple and basic drills and always adds an element of fun to each drill.
The day wraps up with a small 15-minute game.
The kids can't get enough. They absolutely love it and he actually has to turn kids away as we only have so much room.
His entire philosophy is to make sure the kids are having a good time, while they learn the simple basics of the sport. If they don't have fun, they won't be back.
There's now a huge waiting list to get into Mini-ball. Word of mouth has spread and barely any of the kids drop out after their first year in it.
Both my kids can't get enough basketball and it all started with this fun program my brother's helped form. They couldn't wait to get back to the courts.
That's how it should be with hockey too.
What blew my mind is when the convener of this Timbit program told me "fun has nothing to do with it". He honestly said that.
He truthfully couldn't fathom how fun needed to be part of the equation when building hockey players. It's hockey afterall, not some after-school fun activity!

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