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Originally Posted by HockeyMan88 View Post

I would like to know who are the top 1997 born players in Finland? I see that here has been some talk about players like Aleksi Saarela and Julius Nättinen, but who else would be worth of watching? It´s early as these players are very young and I haven´t seen many players as I follow mostly teams and players that compete on the higher levels.
I have briefly seen the forwards that are doing well statistically (Saarela, Nättinen, Aho, Tammela, Ruotsalainen, Palmu and Niemelä), but overall I haven't paid that much attention to this age group yet. Veeti Vainio might be the most interesting defenseman that I've seen so far. He's a silky smooth skater and could develop into a good one if he gains some courage and self-confidence to his game.

Pohjola camp for the 97's will be held in 3 weeks, here's the list of invitees. It seems that the top scorers from Jr.C SM-sarja and I-divisioona were all invited apart from one forward (Salmela from KJT).

97's in Jr.C SM-sarja
1. F - Aleksi Saarela (Lukko) 23gp 25g+29a=54p
2. F - Arttu Ruotsalainen (Kärpät) 25gp 21g+31p=52p
3. F - Sebastian Aho (Kärpät) 23gp 18g+27a=45p
4. F - Julius Nättinen (JYP) 17gp 21g+23a=44p
5. F - Joonas Niemelä (Blues) 23gp 12g+16a=28p
6. F - Joni Tuominen (Ilves) 20gp 7g+10a=17p
7. F - Julius Mattila (Ilves) 19gp 3g+14a=17p
8. D - Jarkko Parikka (SaiPa/Ketterä) 26gp 4g+11a=15p
9. D - Veeti Vainio (Blues) 22gp 3g+11a=14p
10. F - Sami Tamminen (KooKoo) 22gp 3g+10a=13p
11. F - Panu Linna (JYP) 24gp 6g+6a=12p
12. F - Niko Peltonen (Lukko) 23gp 5g+7a=12p
13. F - Otto Rehelmä (Lukko) 15gp 4g+8a=12p
14. D - Jesper Mattila (Ilves) 24gp 1g+9a=10p
15. D - Ville Järvinen (Ilves) 23gp 1g+8a=9p
16. D - Atte Töyry (JYP) 17gp 2g+6a=8p
17. F - Aleksi Sinkkonen (KooKoo) 19gp 1g+7a=8p
18. F - Niki Koskinen (KooKoo) 10gp 2g+5a=7p
19. D - Niklas Murto (Lukko) 19gp 2g+4a=6p
20. D - Otto Saarimaa (Blues) 20gp 0g+5a=5p

Goalies with at least 10 games:
1. GK - Lasse Likola (JYP) 13gp 3.99gaa 89.09s%
2. GK - Nico Viksten (Ilves) 13gp 4.67gaa 88.60s%
3. GK - Arttu Kulmala (Tappara) 10gp 4.81gaa 87.12s%

97's in Jr.C I-divisioona
1. F - Jonne Tammela (YJK/JHT) 17gp 31g+30a=61p
2. F - Petrus Palmu (Jokipojat) 19gp 25g+20a=45p
3. F - Mikael Huhtala (Pelicans) 22gp 18g+18a=36p
4. F - Niko Lönnroos (HIFK) 15gp 16g+17a=33p
5. F - Aaro Löyttymäki (TPS) 17gp 6g+13a=19p
6. F - Topi Piipponen (KalPa) 16gp 8g+9a=17p
7. F - Henri Salmela (KJT) 20gp 6g+11a=17p
8. D - Akseli Kalliainen (RoKi) 18gp 6g+10a=16p
9. F - Niko Happo (GrIFK) 17gp 3g+12a=15p
10. D - Vili Saarijärvi (RoKi) 20gp 4g+9a=13p

Goalies with at least 10 games:
1. GK - Severi Kinnunen (KalPa) 10gp 4.75gaa 89.80s%
2. GK - Karolus Kaarlehto (TuTo) 14gp 6.71gaa 87.72s%

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