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02-06-2012, 02:16 PM
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you know what the problem is, is that no one gives him a chance because it's all about the money and that's not fair because you cant have goalies to come in this team and expect to bail out to the team's turnovers, poor defense every single shift, as some point it will bite them, it doesnt work that way.

tim thomas was strugging a couple of years back, henry wasnt great either for the last couple of years, brezzy is playing only 30 games and he's struggling, you cant write him off, fans have no patience.

the problem is flyers fans wants a cup now and to be honest i dont think it's going to happen because the defense is very sloppy, not too menion the lost of pronger really hurt this team, if he was here i think both goalies will be ok, you cant keep shopping for goalies because they are struggling, it's part of the game.

that's no such thing as a perfect goalie, good goalies have struggles and flaws, or bad seasons, it's just a bad season for brezzy. he will get better if you give him a chance, there's no timelimit for when goalies get better.

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