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Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
No, they don't make a right. Shaking hands acknowledges that his bahevior has been excused though and in some cases, it has not. Therefore, no shake.

Playing rec hockey shouldn't give you the right to act like a degenerate and as your opponent I am not required to excuse what another person does. I will be the better man by not shaking his hand and not acting like what he did was OK.
I started this post and it's interesting to see so many different views out there. I've played in the same beer league for about 10 years now and I've always participated in the post game handshake until last game when one of the other players was behaving so badly (it has happened before) that for the first time ever I skipped someone in the line. Then I started regretting it causing me to wonder if there is (as some of the posters suggest) an absolute etiquette rule that you must shake hands no matter what.

After reading all of these posts, I think I agree with this CarlWinslow post. I just could not forgive this guy's behaviour and shaking his hand would have given him the message that all is forgiven. Maybe he will get the message if he is skipped.

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