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11-10-2003, 07:10 AM
Jon Burke
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New Jersey / Pittsburgh Trade Proposal

Whatcha think of this one?

To New Jersey: Martin Straka (LW)
To Pittsburgh: Colin White (D), Christian Berglund (LW), 3rd round draft pick


To New Jersey: Martin Straka (LW)
To Pittsburgh: Jeff Friesen (LW), 3rd round draft pick

I know that the Pens may or may not be looking to trim payroll, but the fact is, why should they invest big bucks in guys like Straka if they're not winning much anyways. And Fleury's virtually guaranteed all sorts of bonuses, which could change around the payroll structure enough for them to consider moving Straka.

First deal:

White is a big, mean crease clearer who can move the puck and already has a pair of Cup wins under his belt. He's had an opportunity to learn from guys like Scott Stevens and Ken Daneyko and is a very solid defenseman. Berglund is young and unproven, but he could develop into a scorer who gets under the skin of the opponents. In other words, a very valuable asset. Straka gives the Devils what they need - goal scoring - and he's a very talented guy who works hard and is fairly versatile. I guess that the Penguins might want some higher level talent for Straka, but I really don't know. Guys like White and Berglund strike me as players who'd be a good fit in Pittsburgh.

Second deal:

Friesen is a speedy guy with offensive upside. He proved to be a clutch scorer in last year's playoffs and I still think he could be a pretty good goal scorer at this level. I needn't explain why the Devils would want Straka, do I? The problem with this deal is that if the Pens are looking to get rid of their salary, then they don't trim the payroll too much here.

Thoughts? Counter-proposals?