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02-06-2012, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Time is cheap with a rookie goaltender. Time is expensive as hell and detrimental to the overall product that can be put on the ice when you have to waste over half a season on a 5.66 million dollar goaltender who plays like an AHLer.
He let's in goals off turnovers at the circle. He lets in goals when the opposing team skates it in and shoots from the circle. He lets in slapshots from the point, and wrist shots from the point. He routinely gets beaten 5 hole, especially on failed poke checks. If the puck changes direction at all it usually goes in. If he's screened at all it usually goes in. He routinely gets beaten at the post. Any time we play a great team, he can't keep it close. If the offense doesn't score 4 goals or more, we are generally hosed because he routinely lets in 3 goals, and at least one of them is weak (Yes, I know you argue differently, because you judge him based on beer league standards and not NHL franchise goaltender standards).

This has been going on all season. He has yet to show he's fixed any of his glaring problems. Every time we think he's making progress he reverts back to crap. It's flat out unacceptable. The worst part? The moment he lets in a bad goal, he just looks defeated and everything gets worse. He's shown mental weakness. Above all, he has costed this team far more games than he's stolen for them, which is what he's here to do.

How much freaking time are we supposed to give this guy? 8 more years? Personally, I'll give him until next season. I expect to see Bob starting in the playoffs if something doesn't change fast with Bryz's consistency, play, and mental fortitude. After that, if he doesn't pull it together, I want him hauled out at any cost for the good of the team.
I think Bryz's teammates are starting to turn on him, too. They already don't have any confidence in him or his ability to come up with the big save (or even the routine save). Kimmo's comment after yesterday's game pretty much said it all, whether he meant to take a shot at Bryz or not.

Ed Snider pledged, in a TV interview, that the Flyers would never go through the goalie circus of last season's playoffs ever again. Well, here we are, and it's become obvious that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Now I just wonder if Ed will swallow his pride and continue the quest to fulfill that promise, even if it means jettisoning the guy who was supposed to be the answer.

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