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11-10-2003, 07:17 AM
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Well, if every one of the top five, not just the very echelon, but all of the top five prospects are untouchable, then I'm not sure Montreal is a team that should be adding veterans at the expense of youth, which is the kind of trade that might interest the Caps. Come to think of it, as the Caps and Canadiens are at similar growth stages, they don't make very good trade partners.

Did you expect the Caps to give him away?

If they trade Grier, they'll look for a duplicate of the Konowalchuk trade, which saw an older veteran traded for another team's #1 prospect. Now does it have to be the very top prospect? No, but a good one.

They already have journeymen defensemen, so one of the #8 or #9 defensemen in Montreal would not be much of an improvement. Besides, there is a certain benefit to having so poor a defense that you finish last in the league this season, draft-wise. I'm glad to see the Caps tanking, instead of mediocrity. Immediate help for this season is not something that I'd like to see.