Thread: Speculation: Evander Kane.
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02-06-2012, 05:56 PM
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a bad rep...really?

How has he been "showing a bad reputation to Winnipeg?"

If anyone should be ashamed of "showing a bad reputation" it's the fans here in Winnipeg that jump on rumor mongered bandwagons about players behavior that's been completely unproven.

I really hope this guy doesn't get traded as it's obvious he's going to turn into a great NHLer, at worst a decent second liner, the same cannot be said of any number of draft picks, a fact too many arm chair GM's simply choose to overlook. Not only that, but trading good young guys like Kane to gamble on something better, only sets the rebuild back farther and does little for this organization.

EDIT: Furthermore to reference the Kessel deal, the current Jets franchise is in an extraordinarily different place then the Boston franchise at the time they dealt Kessel, not to mention that your banking a lot on A)overpayment by the trade partner, B) it not paying off for them resulting in "high" draft picks. The Kessel deal wouldn't have been such a steal if Toronto didn't flounder to second last the year it did.

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