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02-06-2012, 05:53 PM
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Boychuk and future with Bruins

" 26. Think Boston is working on an extension for UFA-to-be Johnny Boychuk, but don't think it's close."

Thats the inside from Friedman. Some of us still are not a big fan of the kid, but many like myself, really appreciate the game he brings on the ice. This year he has pretty much played a mistake free game. Very stable on the defensive end, rubbing people out against the board and rarely losing battles, on offense his game has been a little disappointing (esp after scoring 60 in prov), but on occasion does score timely goals. Lastly we all love seeing him wind up for rockets that usually just hit goals square on the chest.

He is making 2 mill this final year of his contract and i'm really curious what type of offer pc has made out to him, that is not good or enticing enough. Maybe 2.25 for three years??

So even though he could be helpful for another cup run, you also need to think about the teams future at the same time. On the same link above states that the Oilers are looking for defensive help in return for one of their promising forwards. Plus Boychuk is edm native.

Most likely not, but if the Bruins made a trade for a very nice D and Boychuk could be possibly expandable

What would people think of a Boychuk for Paarjavi deal? Maybe Gagner ?

Otherwise a less enticing deal for prospects in return such as Reider and Musil.

Don't want to make this another potential trade thread, but Boychuk to Oilers trade was an easy one not to bring up.

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