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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
what do you know ?

Is this on record or are you just assuming?

Maybe if Sergei was still around they would of 'grown' together, as you put it.

For someone who loves putting people in their place when you disagree with what they say, you sure do a great job in pretending to have inside knowledge.
It was on record, from a number of avenues.

I have no idea how to find the links to the articles but I remember Andrei stating something along the lines of "when my brother did something everyone looked at me to have a reaction." He didn't like having to always answer to his brother when things happened, on or off the ice.

I also remember reading about how Sergei did a lot of translating for Andrei in the locker room, which is detrimental to anyone trying to learn another language. Not having his brother there to translate for him forced him to take more initiative in using English himself.

There was also that camp after Sergei was traded where he came in with a reportedly much higher emotional status.

Lastly, there have been numerous reports in the last year or so from team mates stating that Andrei has been a bit of a joker in the locker room, and has become closer with the team mates, contrasting to before when there was actually the opposite reports in which he was very reserved and quiet.

I also never once pretended to have "inside knowledge" and I am not sure how you even came to that conclusion. The words "it is quite obvious to anyone that has been paying attention" is almost the complete opposition of "claiming inside knowledge."

But okay bro.

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