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11-10-2003, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by G-Double
First off, i'm not trying to twist anything you've said, what I am saying is i quoted you, directly in which you say "team leader" there is nothing in their abou points, if thats what you meant, so be it, it isn't how it came off to me, especially in light of how enamored you are with him.

What about the other posters? they're nojt the ones saying this will ruin his confidence, sitting one game, they just said it was a bad decision which is till yet to be seen, what if he goes on a tear and scores a PPG for the rest of the season, will you then come here and say that sitting that one game was the best move ever? what if he didn't sit and continued to play on the perimeter making bad turnovers at both bluelines and not giving it his all, trying to float pretty passes over the D's sticks to guys in worse scoring position than his own. He plays a full season like that and you think it is better than him sitting one game?

I think you're overly worried about Hemsky because of the Comrie situation. You obviously want Comrie back and are not willing to relize he is abeing an extraordinarily whiny brat who needs his way all the time and can't take criticism. Don't worry, Ales isn't like that, he can take it and he'll improve. Just look at last season when he was alternating between the PB and the line-up he worked on what he needed to in order to get in on a regular basis.
What does Salo's groin/hip injury have to do with your rant?

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