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02-07-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by CrazyCanucks View Post
That trade doesn not get one without at least one of the following, Kane, Teows, Keith, Seabrrok or Sharp. It just isn't happening. This would be a bad trade for Hawks. It would be overpayment.
Other wise there are no other players making more then minimum wage next year.

Canucks are the same way. Sedins at 6.1 each, Kesler at 5, Luongo at 5.33, Booth at 4.25, Hamhuis at 4.5, Bieksa at 4.6, Malhotra at 2.5 and raises soon due to Hodgson, Edler, Raymond, Schneider (assuming he doesn't move in the deal), Burrows and a whole to fill with Salo's eminent retirement (this off season or next)....36.88 tied up in 8 players, which isn't too bad, but with one player, assuming he hits 41 goals (his career high) and say 90 points, would add 7.8. 45.68 for 9 players, not counting smaller contracts, out of 65 million (assuming there is no rise in the cap ceiling or change in the CBA).

Add in players like Higgins, Hansen, Lapierre, Alberts, Rome, Raymond and Schneider who bring enough to be resigned, or will need to be replaced, and we're talking another 2 million or so each in salary, which is very conservative, and someone like Edler who I can see bringing in 5. 64.68 with 2 active roster holes to fill, plus any call ups or scratches, which we always run with. Sedin-Sedin-Nash would be a disgusting line. Even Sedin-Sedin-Burrows/Booth-Kesler-Nash. Terrifying. But unless there is a sizable (say 5 million dollar) rise in the cap and a best case scenario resigning active roster players, we don't have the space to field our team with Nash.

I don't know Chicago's cap or salary situation, but Kane, Toews, Sharp, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook and Hjalmersson makes for a tight fit to add 7.8 million to the budget either. Not to mention resignings of guys like Bolland and Crawford.

Nash brings alot, but his cap hit impedes Columbus' ability to move him at a fair rate.

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