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02-07-2012, 12:31 AM
Seeing is believing
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Hmm...Sedin-Sedin-Nash, Sedin-Sedin-Perry, Sedin-Sedin-Parise...anyone else seeing a trend in the rumours? Lots of salacious rumours designed to suck us all in to generating traffic. I swear, He Who Shall Not Be Named is like the TMZ for NHL trade rumours.

I'd rather get Perry than Nash any day. And it was still a fantasy.

But just to play Devil's advocate, to clear the space for Nash, a core star player making big money like Kes or Lu would have to go the other way or it's back to the ever-popular Raymond, Ballard, Schneider combination that everyone shoots down every time. It has the mix of decentish player, overpaid but usually not horrible dman and blue, blue, very blue chip prospect.

Of course, sure, the same tantalizing dream of seeing a bonafide Star Winger on the right side with the Sedins is still supposed to suck us all in, but we who actually watch the team know Burrows never gets the credit he should for what he does with the twins. Okay, lately that hasn't been a hell of a lot, but over the last two seasons, the elevation in play has been nowhere near as one-sided as some would like to think. The first line chemistry is something that really shouldn't be tinkered with if doing so handicaps the team somewhere else.

Nash's contract sinks the deal even if common sense doesn't.

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