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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post

I'm 5'8 so I know about being short...but I haven't been under 150 in 10 years

The advice to keep your knees bent and legs wider is great. If you don't already, get squats and deadlifts in your workout routine.

I found going to a higher lie and shorter length stick helped me hold on to pucks better. In a tight area that might give you an advantage. Something to think about. Also, intermediate sticks are your friend. 65-70 flex even if you're strong.

I also took a cue from a teammate who was pretty much your size to just drive the net like you don't care. Hold that puck in tight close to the body and attack. Most of the time you'll draw defenders and get the puck around their net, buy some time for your linemates to come around.
Thanks! I guess this works great considering my last topic about no slap shot height! I shortened the stick last game, and I was shooting boomers that made the goalie clinch! I was even able to out deke two guys, mainly because of my quick hands and waiting for them to make a stupid move like a poke check while I'm coming at them with speed, so I just toe dragged around their sticks.

I just need to watch the shoves. When I move forward with speed, all my weight is in front of me, and if I take a hit to the back I'm face down on the ice!

I'm using a stick at my collar bone, with lie 5.5! Works great so far, just I suck on the defensive unless I can get my body under someone, as I have no reach anymore.

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