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02-07-2012, 04:30 AM
Only a 2 year window
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I would say it's less deliberate manipulation and more "here's what this thing feels like so let me throw numbers at you." In many ways one of the core rotten pieces is the way a record like 6-2-3 seems like some huge winning record. That particular way of expressing records gives way too much leeway to writers who want to spin a thing a particular way when coming up with the angles for their pieces. Dan O'Neill is actually a writer I like because he's not afraid to be fun. So I truly don't mean it as an indictment of him if it comes off that way.

What happens after a piece like this gets written is that then his co-writers like JR, Miklasz, Gordon, Korac, the radio folks, they pick up on the piece and don't go back in to unpack the numbers. So it's the old "the lie is halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on" kind of thing. Now the next time the Blues face Nashville we'll hear ad nauseam how "Rinne owns the Blues."

Players are human beings just like us. They hear the narratives just like us. Rinne owns us, Blues players may eventually allow into their heads. Our Rinne owns them, Preds players may think. It's maybe a tiny bit of confidence for them and a tiny bit of tighter-stick syndrome for the Blues. We've all certainly seen goaltenders on lots of hockey teams get into opposing players' heads at playoff time, so the phenomenon's real.

Now, will this translate to anything? Maybe, maybe not. If it does, it's bad, and thus we should push back early. If it doesn't, what's the harm in pushing back since the thing is false? Pushback with the truth is always a freeroll.

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