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Well you are passed the hardest part. You have admitted you have a problem. I have a friend who refuses to believe me that his skating problems are linked to his to big skates.

Try on a new pair of skates a size or two below the ones you have. while standing up the toes should touch the end of the boot, while leaing forward (as if your skating) they should not touch. Repeatedly try one pair after another going down a size untill you feel this perfect fit.

Also a couple of notes

1: Each manufacterer runs a bit different in terms of width. If you have a wide foot you may want to go with ccm/reebok a skinny foot bauer/nike. Graf skates are typically heavier, but are bulletproof and comfortable.

2: It doesn't matter if you spend 400 or 100. If the skate doesnt fit perfectly it's for not.

3: ALWAYS ask if they have any clearanced out skates. Somtimes you get lucky and they have last years model in the back for half the price. These will look different but be the same quality.

4: Buy waxed laces. These laces will keep the skate tighter in the right places while not "bunching" the laces up cauing "lace nip".

5: If you are forced to buy online make sure you go to a website with free return shipping so you can swap em out if you dont like the fit. Total hockey offers this for premium members ( along with a free $60 gift card) . Premium membership is $40 so they basically pay you $20 to be a member.

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