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Originally Posted by ClasslessGuy View Post
Have to share it to calm down...

I was up all night because my sister called me crying at 3 this morning.

She was seeing this guy for 2 weeks now and yesterday they went to a bar together with a couple of friends. He picked her up so she didn't have her car at his apartment. Around 2:30 a.m they came back from the bar, he didn't drink at all and my sister drank 1 or 2 drink but you know how it is with 18 yr girl... Anyway the ass**** told her that he didn't want to go further with that relationship and that he was not going to give her a ride back home. She was stuck in *****ing Gatineau at least 15km from my place at 3 a.m in the morning. She walked for at least 2km because she was out of his mind and a little bit drunk to.

But how ****ing stupid this guy is? When she called me I just snapped. I went to pick her up but she didn't want to show me where his apartment his... How dangerous and stupid is that... I know she could've called a friend or something but I guess on the moment she didn't thought about it and started to walk...

Ok I feel better now but I will still find his address
once you do, you should buy about 20 Foam shaving cream cans. Freeze them in a deep freeze. Keep them frozen until you reach his home or car (whichever one has a windor or door unlocked) then you unwrap or cut open the cans, leaving a frozen foam cylander, and place the foam into that jag-offs home or car. When these foam cylanders thaw...they expand exponentially. 20 cans would fill an entire living room completely.

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